My Background

Nadine spent most of her life in England before moving to Copenhagen in September 2018 . She teaches Computer science at Københavns Universitet (when she is not teaching asanas).

Nadine took up Yoga initially for its physical benefits when training for the London marathon and found that it provided more than that ... She got hooked and ended up taking a teacher training course a few years later.

Nadine travelled to India in 2016 to learn more about its philosophy – which she finds grounding- To Nadine, Yoga is more than postures and it is about using the breath to connect the mind to the body. Nadine observes that she has gained so much both holistically and emotionally from Yoga that her vision is to share and make it more accessible to others through her teaching.

Nadine teaches Bhakti Yoga-with a Cameroonian twist to it-which can be a fast or slower flow depending on the ‘season of the soul’, with a devotional emphasis to it. Her eccentricity comes through with the music choice in her classes.

Practice and certification

Nadine is a 500 hr certified Yoga Alliance UK teacher -from East
London school of Yoga- and has done several other CPD courses over
the years in London in order to add to her offering.

Gallery Image

Nadine teaching at NOR

Gallery Image

Nadine at the Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2018

Gallery Image

Nadine at the Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2018

Gallery Image

Nadine after a week’s training with Chuck Miller


Nadine is particularly grateful to her teacher, Stewart Gilchrist,
for inviting her to this mystery she calls a ‘Yogic journey'.

She claims that she owes everything she is today to God. She is also
grateful to her ex-partner, Stephen Carroll, for motivating her to
explore this path.

Nadine currently mainy teaches at NOR in Nørrebro(Copenhagen NV) and bases her teaching on
tools to allow individuals to ‘take their yoga off the mat’.

Upcomming Events

Weekly Classes

Wednesdays 7.30 pm , Fridays 9.00 am
@ NOR, Hejrevej 30, 3. sal, 2400 København NV, Denmark


Wednesdays 5.30 pm , Saturdays 3pm
@ YogaMudra, Ryesgade 106, 2. sal København, Denmark

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